traditions at nautilus teachings


are woven
into us.
they are
the golden threads
which tether
us to memory
of people
and a time
which we can never
return to
from within…
i hold on to very few pieces
of sentimental value…
as a matter of fact
all i have
is my mother’s table
and a few of her personal items…
when my father passes
i cannot think of one
materialistic thing i would like,
except a few photographs
and maybe if he’s hung on to
anything i have given/made him…
my kids have already
been given the freedom
to take anything they wish
while i am still alive
if it truly holds value to them-
for instance my son
took the rocking chair
my mother bought me
when he was born…
does he use it?
probably not,
but it does sit in our
grandsons room
and i do get to rock him in it
once in a blue moon…
when i sit in that chair
with Ry
i feel my mom
i see my moms hands
i remember my son
as a baby
and as i rock
my heart fills up…

i sold
Lenox Christmas china
all the stemware
lead crystal bowls
and glass blown
serving utensils
all properly wrapped
in all the original boxes
packed away safely
in 3 rubbermaid bins
to a wonderful soul
who still believes
in family rituals
she made the pain
in separating from
all of these “things”
i love much easier…
it breaks my heart
to witness
the end of traditions
in much of society…
i understand newlyweds
see no use for china
or wish to proudly display
their great grandmothers
christmas angels…
i am aware
that very few families
actually have the
weekly ritual of cleaning
the house
and doing laundry together
let alone cooking…
i see very few young peeps
pulling weeds
or mowing the grass
because all of them
have such scheduled lives
of to many activities
that even sitting down
and playing cards
a board game
blowing bubbles
drawing with chalk
playing hopscotch
is just all left in the past…
you already know i
very much dislike seeing any child
under the age of 10 with their nose
stuck in any type of device
but worldwide
this is what they do-

no one
no one sits around
the table
sharing stories
about their day
and i am thinking it is impossible
for them to even be entertained at all
by simply
gazing at the stars
roasting a hotdog
or marshmallow
over an open fire…
do kids even eat
real s’mores anymore?
the traditions i was raised in
built my belief system
it’s where i learned values
it’s how i grew through faith
learned compassion
to listen
and just give a damn
about other humans…
are dying
in our
good ole USA
no more
apple pie
and baseball…
there is violence,
football players
disgracing our flag
by pulling a knee…
it appears as if
no one cares
about hurting
another individual
at all
this saddens me…
d and i proudly
fly our American flag
outside our home
every day…
we go to church
we pray
we support our family
neighbors and friends
we donate
we give
we help
we do all this
not because we have to
but because
and even if i don’t get to set
my christmas table
my lenox china and crystal
we will still
christmas eve
and day the same
we will still hang stockings
we will still go to church
we will still draw
our family close
year after year
until we take our last breath,
because when our children
remember us,
when our grandchildren
tell stories about us
it won’t be the dishes
they remember
it will be
of togetherness
and the most important
not just in God
but in America
and in humanity
as a whole…
maybe they will
all roll their eyes
shake their heads
and say,
“granny and pop were crazy….
let me tell you what they did…”