trust me

Gods eye
Gods eye

I knew you
from the beginning
put that sparkle
in your eye
from the first time
you looked up
was that diamond
in the sky
My arms wrapped
around you
My breath echoed
I’m here

be an original
be an original

you were born
an original
and given a name
watched you
as you toddled
I watched you
as your ran
not knowing
if ever
you’d hear MY plan
for inside your soul
are the pieces
you need
to uncage your dreams
and run
wild and free

run with me
run with me

be still my dear child
hear the words
that I speak
I echo them over
year to year
week to week
in that moment of life
when you feel
like your falling
like know one is listening
and nobody cares
place your hand in MINE
I’LL be your guide
up the Nautilus we’ll climb

a message of faith
a message of faith

lean on me
I’M your rock
floor after floor
you’ll find the keys
to unlock
all the doors that are closed
all the chances passed by
if you’d just have some FAITH
and honestly try
to not be afraid
to stand up and sing
my FATHER is here
HE has given me wings


grace, light, and love
are my guiding beacons
energy and acceptance
now grow inside
through faith
you’ll find out
your have nothing to hide
from birth you’re forgiven
unconditionally loved
I’M your creator
your conductor
and teacher
from above
keep ME as your center
and one day you’ll see
by balancing your life
just how happy you’ll be.