united we stand at nautilus teachings


sadness fills me
i choose silence
over voice
as the shield
and strength of my faith
wraps healing balm
around me
as my eyes see
and violence
all across my beloved
United States of America.
i listen to stories
of friends walking away
from life long friends
i read irrationally typed words
and i wonder
am i so blind
to reality
am i so numb to loss
do i really have such little expectation
that no matter the outcome
i am just happy
to be breathing
to be alive
to get up and teach
to kneel down in prayer
to hug my family…
i don’t ever choose sides
i know there are two stories
his and hers
in any divorce
i don’t drop friends
because of their opinion
or belief
for if i am to expect to be accepted
for who i truly am
should i not return that in kind
to every soul i meet?
a deep fissure appears to be emerging
due to the choosing of sides
which makes me wonder
would these same individuals
be this outwardly expressive
about every disappointment in life?
and why in my lifetime of
have i never seen this?
why now?

i feel the calm healing
hug of God
encompass me
faith fills up my cracks of aging…
time for me, ebb and flows
as patiently as the tide
kisses the shore…
i breathe in
we must all take time
to still
to settle our minds
regroup if necessary
change has never been easy
but it is in the hardest times of our lives
we learn the simplest of things
are all gifts
nourish our souls
that the basics of life
are virtually free
we have choices of
who to marry
where to live
what we do for a living
who our friends are
to name a few…
we live in grace
through faith
we are buoyant
no matter what
God has our back
we can live
in one nation
under God

yet first
we must settle our “selves”
sit and enjoy
coffee with a dear friend
look at the blue, clear
crisp sky
or the twinkling
of billions of stars at night
hold someone tight
not letting go
until they too
fall into a soft embrace
for only then
will they truly know
they are loved
you are their safe spot…
my eyes fill with tears
i smell my own coffee brewing
feel the softness of my sweatshirt
kneel down and hold my dogs
scratching their backs
while their tails wag quickly back and forth
‘yes, mom, we know we are loved…’
the three of us walk
to our dock and sit in silence
watching tiny fish jump
a manatee lazily float
a blue heron gracefully fly
there is not a human sound
no one is mad
my mind shifts to
the recent images
posted on social media
i begin to rock in my
old, weather beaten wood chair
if you add our ages
we are 75 years old!
i try very hard to give back
to this world goodness
i express gratitude
i pray not just for myself
and my family
but for every one of you
and for our nation.
i will stand beside you
regardless of
which side you choose
knowing together
we will help
our America.