very first ride


His heart
His heart

do you remember
the day
you came home?
was it sunny or rainy
chilly or warm?
is it locked up
in memory-
in a place time
were the windows
rolled down
did the wind
kiss your face
what was your
first memory
in this
crazy odd place?


did you cry out in anguish
cursing the day
you were born
or were
you quiet and shy
like a
calm rainy morn?
your first ride
is a shadow
of stories
as your life
lay before you
yet to unfold
there would be
millions of rides
in your lifetime
that’s true
but the ride
of them all
of you…

book of my life
book of  life

the paths that you walk
the journeys you take
the lessons you learn
and all the hearts
that you break
it’s all part of the passage
from one life to the other
so make this ride count
have some fun
smile a lot
and one day
i’ll show you
your very first ride…