voices calling- nautilus teachings

be still and listen
be still and listen

there is a beating
of a million hearts
echoing across
this land
so many are
sad and lonely…
yet for one,
she takes a stand.
she says
“my heart will break no more,
i’m tired of it being
torn into shreds..”
this once lost soul
is down on her knees
within a circle of many
bowed heads
for she has heard
the calling
the heartbeat
close to hers
it seems like it’s inside
her soul,
her being,
her body
trying to break out
the beating makes her body shake
it makes her dizzy in the head
she stays on bended knee
and listens where to be lead
she hears the calling louder
hands tapping on the drums
the voices echoing
all night

listen to the calling
listen to the calling

til the morning sunrise
she sees her footpath lit
by the early morning dew
she knows the words
she knows the task
of what she is to do
for the circle
of life’s celebration
reverberates within
as her heart beats
even faster
releasing all her sins
all the eyes of many
all the faces
pointed up
their hands raised
to the sky
they start
a melodic chanting
to their Father
in the sky…

HE calls you
HE calls you

tears stream down
all the cheeks
as she watches
and listens
she feels numb
for her head is bowed
upon the ground
as she feels the morning sun
rising up and beginning
to warm her back
she feels HIS arms around her
she hears the calling
rising from the earth
beating so loudly
she begins to sway
and soon she finds herself
hand in hand in celebration
listening to the words
she needs to say
as her head rises up
she spins in circles
hearing just HIS voice inside
the others have subsided
“come on” HE says,
“I want to take you on a ride…”

soar through your faith
soar through your faith

all at once they fly
like birds with wings
across the vast blue ocean
she does not know
just what she feels
because she is overcome
with emotion
as HE carries her in flight
HE dips her toes down on
waters edge
she loves the feeling of soaring
like the birds
she sees each day
when all at once
HE lands with her upon the silky sand
cradling her once more
with HIS strong
and loving hands
HE looks into her eyes
she sees an echo
of HIS song
and hears
the heartbeat once again
and knows
this path is the
one which
she belongs
she knows
the voices
which waken
her from slumber
singing loudly in the night
she’ll carry them
them within each day
for she knows
she may have
to fight
for people
to believe her words
to hear the love
HE sends to her
to know that she is true
that she was given
the gift
of hearing
the voices calling
upon the
mornings dew…

Nautilus coaching
Nautilus coaching