what is faith?

look within
look within

when does Faith
enter our life?
are we born into it?
do we learn it?
do we just wake up
one day
and feel it?

every day when i wake
i roll over
and say
“good morning God…”
He has always been
the constant in my life
that soft place to land
the safe place to cry
the healing place
when i am broken
the nourishing love
to sustain me…

When i was little
i found faith everywhere
i just believed…
i had no fear
of rolling down hills
or riding my bike
without holding the handle bars
water was my friend
and dreaming
was the same as breathing


as i grew
i stayed inward-
it was easy to not speak
to stay locked up
to have long conversations
in the corner with God
it was the outside world that
truly scared me…

when i would speak
i was so terrified
i would stutter
and then
go back
to silence…
always having faith
that i was safe
in the darkness
because God
was there
and i was never alone…

now in my later years
(giggling here!!!)
i find i don’t want to ever
stop speaking
or teaching
about my faith.
some people have said to me,
“Oh, thats the Christian stuff…”
and then they back away
like i’m contagious!
yet for the most part
every one I know
has embraced me
and supported me
and asked what can they do
to help me
for this
i am eternally grateful
which brings me back to the question above…
when does faith enter our life?

choose faith
choose faith

i believe
faith enters our life
when we are exposed to it
when someone hears your cry
and says,
“Let me pray for you…”
it begins when you are little
holding your arms up
to be held
or the moment
you walk down the isle
looking into the eyes
of your beloved
it begins with that first step
the first taste
the first brush stroke
the first smile…


Joel Osteen taught me years ago
to say,
“I get to….”
instead of I have to…
i love this simple change
because it creates in me
a new vision
a stronger faith
that I get to write
I get to paint
i get to teach
i get to pay my bills
i get to cook…
changing the way we think
can be this easy…

i get to be ....
i get to be ….

so i challenge you today
my friend,
to ask yourself
what is faith
and for a moment
to be still
having the faith
of a child
to show you
hold you
accept you
forgive and love you
now that