what she stole at nautilus teachings


you thought
that taking
the white chair
with the green stripes,
the one their son
sat upon
as he asked
his sweetheart
to marry him,
was something
they no longer needed,
how about
the brown
weathered table
with the dark stain
on it?
did you know
this is
they shared
their first glass
of wine at
and the stain
was from her
spilled wine,
the glass she
nervously tipped over
when he looked
into her eyes
and whispered,
“you are so beautiful…”
they have now been married for 25 years
and you just sold it
on crags list
like it was
what about
those pillows
you could not resist
taken from the
chaise on their front porch?
did you think they were
oh so cute,
and did you know
those were made
by their grandkids
for them for christmas
over the years?
baby handprints
and footprints
are irreplaceable
just like the first
upon that very same pillow…

how many plants
did it take to decorate
your home
did you get enough
because i know you
did get the beautiful lily
which was given to
one woman upon the
death of her husband…
it seems he would give
her lily’s every week
but the one you took
it was the last one
he ever gave her only this one was potted
she had nursed it
like a baby for
almost a year now…
what about the cushion
from the double chase you took ?
the one where their beautiful,
now grown daughter
would sit upon
to study, dream
or just hang with the dogs
and every time she did this
her parents
would gaze out the window
tear in their eye
and marvel at her…
or the teak chair,
of which there is now
only one,
what will they sit upon
every thanksgiving morning
to greet the runners in
the annual turkey trot….
we all have them.
in our tiny town
there is a person
who has been stealing them
with no regard to
what the owners feel,
think or see
each time.
the now missing piece
left an opening
that can never be filled
because the memory
was already tattered
even fading at times
but when they looked
upon that piece
that very
it all came flooding back…
so we are faced
with reality-
she has been found.
some of you will get back
what was stolen
and others,
will not…
it’s not about
the theft now…
it’s our job to speak up
and say,
“this is mine…”
to take back
the worn pieces
which mean so much
to us.
the question is
can you forgive her
and do you forgive her?

for me
it is a yes,
whether i get my things
or not…
whatever led her to
be a thief
to break laws
is not my concern,
what i want
is to feel safe
in cocoa beach
and to once more
put upon my porch
to fill memories with
that is why
d and i added a porch…
we wanted a place
to gather with
family and friends
a place to hang out
to wave at our neighbors
watch the rain fall
gaze at the sunset
to celebrate milestones…
it’s our place
our home
and i will not
allow her violation
to rule my life
i am taking it back
drive, run, walk by
and if i am out there
wave, stop and chat
and know
this girl
when challenged
will fight-
i will always
have your back…
this is our town
our sleepy
beach town
and together
we will
take it back…