why i love wednesday at nautilus teachings


i love wednesday mornings-
they are the days i
ebb and flow with life…
sleeping till i wake
coffee and meditation
while still in my cozy sheets
its a day i let it unfold
before me…
i listen to the mermaids sing
i feel the tethering movement
of mr. hawksbill
luring me back into dreams.
when i finally get going
i am slow,
i don’t brush my hair
i wear baggy, soft clothes
i drive under the speed limit
i let the wind blow my
hair in a crazy dance
as i gaze at the people
walking and biking.
my eyelids still feel
heavy with dreams
as i take the slow
melodic drive out to see mom.
while i drive
i can hear the birds
i hear the rustling of bags
in my back seat
crammed full of supplies
for thursday night paint classes…
this fills me with anticipation
of being with all the faces i love
side by side
watching them create…
on wednesdays i do not
allow myself to multi task
i do one thing at at time
i do it thoroughly and well…
i am so at peace on this day
i find myself lolly-gagging aimlessly
from poolside chair
to art studio
then back out doors
to look for dolphins
watch the birds
when i finally land inside
cooking dinner
emptying the dishwasher
and writing for my blog…

wednesdays i get a coffee
from starbucks
i listen to the ocean call my name
and i play…
i get messy
with my paints, papers and glue,
i am a kid again.
i turn myself back into fancy finns
swimming in the turquoise waters
of my youth
and allow nothing to
interfere in my cocooning
self love time…
wednesdays have replaced mondays
because on this day,
i don’t rise before the sun
to work out
this is my sleep in day
my lazy day
my sheri day…
i know at the age of 54
i have earned this.
sure, there are weeks
when i don’t my way,
that just makes
the wednesdays i do get
that more special…
wednesdays are catch up days
and by 5:00
you will find me
in my jammies
and on the sofa
ready to meditate
and sit by candle light
filled with gratitude
for my life…
when i was raising my children
i never had this “me time”
except, maybe at
when i got to pee all alone
no-one opening the door
needing me to do this or that…
i know life is wonderfully busy
and you may believe
you do not need “me time”
and that’s ok…
i remember those days well.
on my wednesdays
i take time
to remember little hands
tiny feet
soft voices
baby kisses
and snuggling…
i get to keep all those memories…
as i drive by you
on a wednesday
seeing you giggling
with your kids
know part of me
flew into your window
landed in your pocket
and is smiling
at the all the blessing
god has given you
in your chosen life…
thank you for being my friend
and for letting this
old midwestern artist girl
live vicariously through you…