wise old mr. heron at nautilus teachings



the gray heron
quietly rests
upon my floating dock
every day around 5:30.
he sits silently
for nearly an hour
watching the fish swim
and other birds fly by…
he occasionally
will pace a few steps
or hop up onto
the deck,
but mostly he sits…
and while he sits
i watch,
the boys wag their tails
hoping i will let them out
to scare the heron away,
knowing i would never do that…
but they still look at me
then the bird
then me
wag their tails
and all i do is smile
and watch the heron.
some days i try to sneak
out and photograph him.
he lets me get only so close
before turning to leave
hence, now i only watch from afar…
his beauty and grace
are mesmerizing…
the tranquility
and peace of his
long, lean, soft being
entices me to want
to fly away with him…
i find it hard to do
anything else
because i just love
watching him…
while i sat upon the side yard
careful not to get to close
our eyes connected
and for the longest time
we stared at each other…
i remember my heart beating so fast
like he was reading my mind
or thanking me for keeping
the boys inside
allowing him time to rest
dream of the next fish
he will eat
or where he will land next!

11 years ago,
right after i moved here
my youngest was 11.
i remember this tall, thin
blonde headed beauty
quietly walking out
to greet the herons
in our yard…
she would slowly flap her arms
bring her knees to her chest
and take long, slow strides…
they would actually let her
get very close.
and for a moment
she would be eye to eye
with them,
arms now hanging still
by her side,
legs together
hair cascading down her back…
i would stand their smiling
as she smiled back
with her eyes wide open
almost saying,
“this is incredible mom, join me…”
i would just
wonder how does she do this…
every time,
the giggles would take her over
her hand would rise up
to her tiny pink lips
and the heron
be gone…
the boys and i are watching
wise old mr heron
from inside
as the candles flicker
and the AC blows cold air
all is quiet…
soon the door will fly open
and d will arrive…
the boys will bark
wag their tails
as my own
majestic ‘grey heron’
hobbles in upon crutches
weary from his day
knowing in a few hours
he too
disappearing into
the soft covers
of bed
dreaming about
surfing with his buds
in the hopefully near future!