young love at nautilus teachings


she did not know
this day was coming…
the day he would
gaze into her eyes
and say,
“we have to break up,
your life is taking you…”
she was stunned
thrown against
the jagged rocks
like a crashing wave
she never saw this coming
they loved each other
she had their initials
tattooed upon her ankle
what happened to their
whispered plans
of creating a business
and life together…
so what if they would be
bi-coastal for a few years,
if it really was love-
and she knew it was-
it would work
they would make it work…
but for now all she heard
was the two words
‘break up…’
her sobs grew louder
she could not speak
she was rolled into a tight ball
upon her soft comforter,
the one they made love on
laughed on
planned their future on…
he had packed up all
his belongings
opened the door
and walked out with his
head hanging down
as she stood
in disbelief,
he slowly walked
down the block
hopped into his car
and drove away…
how could he leave?
their love was so young,
pure and real…
she turned, noticed
his favorite shirt
crumpled upon the bed,
she picked it up
and took in his scent,
then she grabbed her scissors
and cut a thin long strand
of his shirt
and tied it around her neck…
from now on she would
carry him with her
wherever she went
until the day he returned…
this she held on to
this she believed
this her heart yearned for…

she placed the remaining fabric
in a large ziplock bag
to seal him inside
knowing when the ‘hug’
of his shirt around her neck
began to loose scent
she could cut off another
piece and quickly
of their shared love
time spent laughing
of him being hers
would return
flooding her with
the belief
for now she would endure
letting their daily
phone conversations
envelope her
filling the cracks
he left
upon her soul…
they were still friends-
so on this sunny, summer day,
she decided to step out
letting her faith
buoy her
and take the chance.
she dialed his number
soon his voice crooned out
“hello love, what’s up?”
she stammered at first
and then very softly said,
“i am in love with you
i want to try and make
this work…
i know you think it’s impossible
but what if for the next two years
while you are there,
and i am here
we take turns flying
for a long weekend each month
we make the commitment
to us?”
he was silent.
she knew he was thinking…
“i love you too,” he replied.
“do you really think we can do it?”
she tilted her head back
as her long hair
cascaded down upon her back
and let out a tiny giggle…
“i don’t think,
i know
that we must not give up
we must try…”
her hand was gently
stroking the piece
of him she wore upon her neck
as she waited for him to speak…
“well, sweetheart,
if you believe in us
and i believe in us
and we both love each other
nothing can stop us…
let’s do it.
let’s begin…”
tiny tears of happiness
cascaded down her cheek
a healing, warm balm
over flowed the
broken pieces
of her soul
as she clicked on
her laptop
and booked her first flight
back into the arms
of the man
she knew
she was meant
to love…