youth in summertime at nautilus teachings


you see them
in the canals
in tiny boats
always in groups
of two or three
young boys
of the water…
fishing rods visible
bold colored baggies
loose hanging
they may be young
but their dreams
are big…
as they dock their
small craft
they begin the climb
up, up, up
to the top of
the boat dock deck
can they be brave
enough to jump
like the older boys,
the ones who drive
kiss girls
and drink beer?
for a moment they stop
play air guitar
laugh out loud
pop open a pepsi
then sit in the chairs
usually held by
the big guys…
one of them decides
a back dive is needed
as he slowly places his toes
barely upon the deck
he looks to his friends
gives them a thumbs up
and falls into the water-
so much for the back dive!
another climbs up
one more time
looks the 25 feet down
upon the water
gazes at his friend
shrugs his shoulders
plugs his nose
when his friend says,

the two of them
are now perched
upon the highest banister
each confirming
by a glance
we are doing this…
they spread their
arms out wide
together they splash
into the water…
all three
continue this
right of passage
climbing to the highest peak
jumping one at a time
screaming to each other
on the way down
and grinning
ear to ear…
soon the dogs are
joining in on all the fun-
wet young boys
dripping dogs
and life
in cocoa beach
along the shore
of many canals
now that summer
has finally hit….